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Wall collar MK, cable funnel KT, blind cover BV,
cable cleaner KR

More products and solutions from UGA

In this section you will find more secure and simple solutions from UGA.

Blind cover BV

Blind plug BV,
for the installation into empty conduits or core bores Øi 78 to 129 mm.


Variants Empty conduit or core drillings Øi
BV 80 78-82 mm
BV 90
88-93 mm
BV 100 98-104 mm
BV 110
108-114 mm
BV 117 115-121 mm
BV 120
118-124 mm
BV 125 123-129 mm
BV 130 128-134 mm


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Cable funnel KT

Cable funnel KT
The cable funnel KT enables a fast, reliable and gentle introduction of cables into pipe shafts.
The rounded edges prevent damage to the cable insulation. The cable funnels KT are available in three different sizes with four different socket
variants for pipes with 110 mm, 125 mm and 160 mm outside diameter. Several elements can be stacked on top of and next to each other to form a package.
Unused cable funnels can easily be sealed with the BV blind closure.
  • Protection of the cable insulation
  • Fast, simple installation
  • Package formation possible
  • No additional formwork aids necessary
Available on request:
Cable funnel with adhesive sleeve Cable
funnel with adhesive sleeve and sealing system
Plug-in sleeve as KG pipe-sleeve EFL
Plug-in sleeve as cable protection pipe-sleeve MFL

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Wall collar MK

Wall collar MK, for pipe Øa 32 to 315 mm.

Further versions on request.


Variants Clamping range
MK 110 105-116 mm
MK 125 120-130 mm
MK 160 154-166 mm
MK 200
195-210 mm


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