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Fibre optic sealing systems SPE, Flexible house entrie FHE, Foundation entries BO-PLA, Multi-compartment house lead-ins

House entries from UGA


House ducts SPE, FHE and BO-PLA

SPE 16/3x7 The introduction for fibre optic house
connections In order to meet the special requirements for connecting the fibre optic network to households, UGA now offers the new SPE introduction, which is quick and easy to install. The SPE system has been specially developed for this application and offers the telecommunications provider and the apartment or house owner a safe and professional introduction to this technology.

Flexible house entry FHE for gas and watertight insertion of cables or lines of all kinds. With expansion seal coating and shrink sleeve on one or both sides using hot or cold shrink technology. Cable and flexible house entries FHE are to be installed professionally to ensure reliable gas and water tightness, therefore only use in watertight concrete (BKL-1 and -2). The contractor is liable for tightness.

The BO-PLA is an ideal system for the routing of cables and pipes in buildings without cellars with solid floor plates (telecommunications, electricity and water). Massive plastic waste can be minimized by means of an intelligent complete system, compared to the usual single and multi-line packages. The BO-PLA system offers more flexibility for non-uniform cable and pipe trenches.

Convince yourself of our multi-line house introductions. With our agile service you can put together your individual package and thus save costs and waste.







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Our products at a glance

Floor plate duct BO-PLA

  • Ideal for the routing of cables and pipes in buildings without cellars with solid base plates (telecommunications, electricity and water)
  • Safe passage of cables and pipes underneath the base plate thanks to integrated cable protection system (meets the requirements of energy suppliers)
  • Through an intelligent complete system, massive plastic waste can be minimized, in contrast to the usual single and multi-line packages
  • Use of GPD80 with onion-cut and/or individual drill holes is possible (not included in delivery)
  • More flexibility with non-uniform cable and pipe trenches
  • Minimum length 2250 mm


Application: Waterproof concrete stress class 1 and 2.      


Variants For pipes with outside diameter of
BO-PLA80/(L) 75-89 mm
BO-PLA100/(L) 100-115 mm
BO-PLA125/(L) 115-125 mm
BO-PLA150/(L) 150-160 mm


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Building duct SPE

Suitable for Speed-Pipe protection pipes* SPE,
for a Speed-Pipe or cable with Øa 5 to 14 mm,
for wall thicknesses from 200 mm to 1,100 mm (standard length 700 or 1200 mm).

* Speed-Pipe is a registered trademark of gabo Systemtechnik GmbH


Variants Pipe or cable with Øa Component length
SPE16/1x(7-14)/700 7-14 mm 200-600 mm
SPE16/1x(7-14)/1200 7-14 mm 200-1100 mm
SPE16/3x7/700 5-7 mm 200-600 mm
SPE16/3x7/1200 5-7 mm 200-1100 mm
SPE16/1x(7-14)+3x7/700 1x 7-14 mm or 3x 5-7 mm 200-600 mm
SPE16/1x(7-14)+3x7/1200 1x 7-14 mm or 3x 5-7 mm 200-1100 mm


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Quadro-Secura® Basic R4+

Quadro-Secura® Basic R4+

  • Multi-compartment building services duct system as a series versionƒƒ
  • Use in buildings yet to be buil
  • for four utilities: Gas, water, electricity and telecommunications, or for the multiple allocation of individual different utilities (without gas)



  • compact and space saving by means of a row arrangementƒƒ
  • gas and watertight (standard)ƒƒ
  • infinitely variable modular gaskets modal for water and energyƒƒ
  • simple installationƒƒ
  • simple allocation of the multi-line sealing through symbol identificationƒƒ
  • bend-resistant and leak-proof jacket pipes to maintain the bending radiusƒƒ
  • Mounting without torque wrenchthrough turn-stop systemƒƒlater replacement of the media line  possible (Relining)

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Quadro-Secura® Nova 1/breit

Quadro-Secura® Nova 1/breit
  • Multi-compartment building services duct system sealing on both sidesƒƒ
  • Application in preinstalled pipe sleeve or core bore in water-proof concrete (white tank)
  • Utilities: Gas, water, electricity and telecommunications
  • with additional sealing flange according to DIN 18533 (black tank)
  • Ideal for twin / element walls



  • non-corrosive and non-conductive through manufacturing with high-performance plasti
  • gas and watertight (standard)
  • infinitely variable modular gaskets modal for water and energy
  • extremely simple installation, low component weight
  • simple allocation of the building sealing through a symbol identification
  • wide exterior waterproofing covering prefabricated concrete shell and core concrete

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Building duct FHE

Flexible house duct FHE,
Øi = 19 to 110 mm,  with coating and colour transparent/red.

Application: Waterproof concrete stress class 1 and 2.

Standard length 600 mm

Other versions on request, with cold shrink sleeve on request.


each variant can be booked with one-sided
or two-sided thermal sleeve(s)











Flexible Hauseinfuehrung FHE von UGA.pdf

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