UGA has been developing, manufacturing and supplying gas -watertight building ducts of the highest quality, for more than 25 years.


UGA is a manufacturer of gas -watertight building inlets for cables and pipelines. These products are used in all areas of power generation and distribution (e.g. power stations, substations, station construction, wind turbines and house connections).

In the telecommunications sector, we supply the entire fixed-network and mobile communications provider market. The clientele also includes public property developers, whose applications range from municipal administration buildings, schools, hospitals, airports and all the way up to environmental facilities (sewage treatment plants, canals, etc.). The entire industrial sector (chem. Production plants, automotive plants, research centers) is also supplied.

Our products are processed in the Federal Republic of Germany and abroad by all well-known construction companies and plant constructors.
UGA guarantees a compatibility with other systems.

We see ourselves not only as a manufacturing company, but above all as a service provider that offers its customers first-class service through a competent consulting and a high degree of flexibility. In this area we would like to stand out from the market.

The direct distribution of our products and the associated direct exchange of information between the manufacturer and customer enables us to offer our customers individual solutions.

With our qualified field and office staff, we guarantee a fast and direct consulting on site, both in the planning phase and during the practical processing of our products during the construction.

Support and technical consulting from architecture, engineering and planning offices are a matter of course for us and are part of our service.

Because we develop and manufacture our own products, we are able to react quickly and flexibly to changing customer requirements and thus achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

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We strive to continuously improve the environmental compatibility of our products and production processes, combined with the goal of a sustainable business development. Our products always correspond to the latest state of the art, the current safety regulations as well as the current DIN regulations.

With our know-how and our ideas, we are always at the pulse of the market.

In addition to our Germany-wide, company-owned sales network, our company is represented by competent partners worldwide. UGA has its own export department for the worldwide support of its customers.

Our aim is the targeted development of new, interesting markets. We are constantly expanding our presence and our market share through trade fair appearances and customer training courses at home and abroad.

The relationship between our employees is characterised by mutual trust and respect. All employees work together for the success and good reputation of the company.

We want to make relations with our suppliers, customers and business partners as beneficial as possible for both sides. Fair and cooperative dealings are a matter of course for us. This creates successful and long-lasting business relationships.

UGA offers the right solution for all questions related to the introduction of new products into buildings.