UGA has been developing, manufacturing and supplying gas -watertight building ducts since 1990. Since its foundation, the portfolio has constantly evolved and includes everything that is necessary today to get every duct TIGHT.

Milestones of the company UGA

UGA manufactures  gas-watertight building inlets and sells them in Germany with sales representatives in direct sales as well as in Europe and the rest of the world with permanent partners.

Company Foundation

Gerhard Gauland founded the company in Gerstetten. It all started with one permanent employee. Originally, UGA was active as an assembly company for preventive structural fire protection.


Duct with waterproof systems

A breakthrough in the field of watertight systems could be the installation of more than ten thousand seals at the Franz-Josef-Strauss-Flughafen in Munich in the years 1990/-91.


Transition to a manufacturing company

UGA becomes a manufacturer with direct sales channels. Throughout the course of its business activities, UGA has transformed itself into a manufacturing company. From 1994 onwards, the subject area shifted to the production and sale of gas and watertight house ducts.


Steady and continuous growth

The development of the company UGA is characterized by a continuous and steady growth. In the meantime, UGA has become one of the leading manufacturers of cable and pipe ducts.


Company relocation

Company relocation in 1998. Due to lack of space in Gerstetten, new business premises with production halls were sought, found and purchased in the Zoeppritz area / Bolheim. Here we now have 750 m² administration area as well as 6400 m² production and storage area.


2003 until 2016

Since 2003 until today, UGA aims to maintain its market share to gain and improve its market position through new (unique and essential) products and outstanding services. Besides, UGA focuses on healthy and sustainable growth to secure the economic future as well as the jobs of its present employees.

2003 until 2016

2017 until today

Since 2017- Frank Schell is acting as Managing Director of UGA SYSTEM-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG. At the international accelerator facility fair, UGA (Darmstadt, Germany) contributing one of the most significant research projects worldwide.

2017 until today