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Tested quality? Certainly!

Multilayer rubber press seal certified by Lloyd's Register

The internationally recognised testing institute Lloyd's Register subjected our GPD-ZS multilayer rubber press seal to a pressure of 2 bar for more than 90 hours. Our GPD-ZS passed this test without loss of performance.

The GPD150/G/40/ZS/V2A/EPDM/3x(22-54) was tested as a representative of all our GPD-ZS.

The certificate DTM2020617/4 can be found here.

With our GPD-ZS series we offer flexibility and security at an attractive price. Cables with diameters from 4 to 54 mm can thus be sealed variably and securely. Thanks to our proven multilayer technology, in which individual rubber layers can be separately removed, it is possible to seal cables steplessly against water, gas, insects and rodents.

The split version also enables the subsequent sealing of already laid cables.

Our bayonet cable entry with a diameter of 150 mm and multilayer technology BKD150-ZS is available for the sealing of pipes.

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