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Our SPE is now MFPA approved!

We are proud to announce that UGA is the first sealing manufacturer in the world to achieve a test result for a foam-free fibre optic sealing with a water and gas tightness of up to 1 bar. Since July 2020, we are able to present a test report from MFPA Leipzig, which assures that our SPE fibre optic house entry seals with a black trough W2.1-E for the application.

With this product, we want to help to make the fiber optic expansion efficient and safe. The extremely fast installation, due to the elimination of foaming, already convinces many installers in the field of fibre optic expansion. Are you one of them?

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Our solution to seal laid cables - Rubber press seal GPD with multilayer inserts

This product is suitable for subsequent installation of laid cables and offers maximum flexibility at an interesting price.

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Tested quality? Certainly!

Multilayer rubber press seal certified by Lloyd's Register
The internationally recognised testing institute Lloyd's Register subjected our GPD-ZS multilayer rubber press seal to a pressure of 2 bar for more than 90 hours. Our GPD-ZS passed this test without loss of performance.

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